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Solvay Commits to Reducing the CO2 Intensity of Its Activities by 40% through to 2025 & Sets an Internal Carbon Price

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Brussels, Belgium Solvay reinforces its commitment to sustainable chemistry, bringing solutions to the planet’s challenges, with new ambitions that anchor the variety of its sustainable development aspects in its growth strategy.

At Solvay we are driven by trust in progress, promoting science and the on-going concern for responsibility. The challenge of more sustainable development is just as much an opportunity for us to invent tomorrow’s world,” said Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, CEO of Solvay.

Solvay commits by 2025 to the following:

Reduce CO2 intensity of its operations by 40%, that is, its greenhouse gas emissions per added value euro. To achieve this ambitious objective, Solvay will step up its SolWatt energy efficiency program, continuously optimise its industrial processes, develop clean technologies and increase the share of renewables in its energy production and supply. Furthermore, as of January 1, 2016, Solvay will apply an internal price for CO2 emissions at 25 euros per tonne, to take into account climate challenges in its investment decisions.

Generate 40% of revenues with solutions addressing the challenges of sustainable development. Solvay uses its “Sustainable Portfolio Management” analysis tool to identify opportunities in this field. Innovation projects will focus for example on developing new lightweighting solutions for cars and airplanes as a way to reduce CO2 emissions or on advanced ingredient formulations for the agricultural sector, which are respectful of the environment.

Halve the number of accidents at work. Safety at work for Solvay’s 26,000 employees and contractors will remain an absolute priority. Although the Group’s performance as measured by the frequency rate of accidents with lost time, places Solvay among the best of its sector peers, we want to go further and halve the number of accidents recorded on our sites.

Raise the commitment of employees to 80% from 75% in 2015. The men and women who work at Solvay are the Group’s most important asset. Their level of commitment is a key factor that covers five aspects: pride in working at Solvay; quality of the work environment; overall satisfaction; motivation; and attachment to the company.

Double the number of Solvay employees involved in societal projects. Solvay is committed to its local communities – in 2014 alone, it led more than a thousand local community actions. We aim to strengthen this commitment by facilitating the involvement or our employees in projects that serve the community and by offering Solvay’s expertise to regions where the Group is present.

Solvay’s Executive Committee will regularly steer and review these commitments above and they will be communicated to its stakeholders, similar to the Group’s financial performance.

Source: Solvay

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