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Fabdesigns’ Entry of 3D Integrated Technology for LAUNCH Systems Challenge 2013

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Washington, D.C, United States – The 3D integrated knit technology utilizes an innovative textile manufacturing format that precisely engineers yarns and fabric variations solely where they are needed in fiber mapped regions. Fabrications are performance engineered, light weight designs that eliminate cutting. Stitch techniques with added strength, elasticity, and dimensionally stable regions are built into the fabric digitally. Manufacturing is efficient and consistent with minimal to no waste and fully shaped.
The initial focus for this fabric is NASA’s potential space mission to Mars, since astronauts are exposed to many different situations that have the potential to cause irreversible harm to the body. This extremely hostile environment requires a fabric that will protect the wearer from hazards emanating from outer space, the space craft itself, and health problems from the human body’s reaction to antigravity conditions.  Fabdesigns intends to offer the 3D integrated fabric that can provide a flexible, elastic and yet highly durable body hugging suit that is flame retardant without chemicals, anti-microbial and odor resistant, laceration resistant, anti –static, corrosion resistant, EMF microwave, and RF shielded while also being a compression garment. On Earth radiation is a danger faced by the military, health care workers, and the first-responder in many different scenarios. Next generation versions would be applied to other extreme career wear, in military, medical, energy, & first responders.
Sustainability kept in mind
Recycled materials can easily be used in creating the nylon yarns for this 3D hostile environment suit. Therefore the small carbon footprint can be reduced even further. The company aims to use no chemicals or restricted substances in the projects. On a space craft the tiny closed environment would amplify material issues.
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Source: LAUNCH

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